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  "I should like to say how pleased I am with the effectiveness of Somerset Bee. I have found that it gives relief from hay fever if I am caught out by a sudden attack as well as protection from the onset of symptoms should I remember to take before venturing out. I find it preferable to taking commercially available remedies both in price and effectiveness."  
from: Pete White
  "I am writing to commend Mother Luck's 'Space' essence. I put a few drops in a glass spray bottle of water and spray into the corners of the room and it completely changes the feeling and atmosphere in the room, making it feel more clear, bright and fresh. I have been doing this in my treatment room and most clients remark on how clear and bright everything feels. I think this essence is ideal for the home and the workplace! Well done!!"  
from: Debbie Deitrick
  "I am writing to commend Mother Luck's 'Mullein' essence. I had been keeping it in the car which i found helped to keep a clear space around me when driving. However i recently discovered that it has a much better application!
I have always suffered from hayfever, and since moving to Bristol last year have also suffered from various other respiratory allergies. These are always accompanied by blocked sinuses. I have tried many things to alleviate this including acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbalism etc. However the best thing i have found is the mullein essence. I get immediate relief when putting a couple of drops on my fingers and dabbing onto the sinus points on my face (ie: either side of the sinuses under the eyes, and just above the centre of each eyebrow). I have been doing this for about 2months and now my sinuses are for the most part clear. Brilliant essence!!
from: Debbie Deitrick
  "Hi Beth!
Matt here, you gave me some essences to travel with. The mixed essences have been a help, psychologically at least. I have found it beneficial to put three drops onto my wrist, one for compassion, one for wisdom and one for truth, based on the Buddhist refuges, then I rub my wrists together and rub them on my temples in a circular motion. This feels therapeutic.
I hope you are okay.
Take care, au revoir!
from: Matt
  "Just to let you know that the Bee Pollen drops have helped my contact enormously. He suffers very badly with hayfever, but since taking the drops has not needed antihistamine tablets and says he feels very much better. He has noted pollen count over the last 10 days and even when it's high the drops have kicked in. So thank you and thank your friend. I'll buy some from her for other people. Interesting to note that they can have effects on a physical condition."  
from: Charmian Evans

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