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Angelica archangelica
This umbelliferae stands over two metres tall, itís clear span branches let light through the crown of the plant to the big leaves at the root. A green flowered biennial understanding and integrating change. A lovely protector of the aura uplifting in a grounded fashion. Angelica is often linked in the current consciousness with angels and the angelic realm.
Bog Sage
Salvea uliginosa
For people who feel they could benefit from being more contemplative, by being more in touch with the higher self before speaking. Giving a peaceful space in which to reconcile the higher and lower bodies.
Borago officinalis
Borage is the flower of courage. Your emotional pool will be pacified and waves of emotion (especially anger) will dissipate. This gives the soul courage to progress.
Ajuga repans L.
Creates creative flow so you can create things on a physical level. Manifesting new ideas and ways of being.
Californian Poppy
Escholtzia californica
Feeling connected and part of the whole. Protects from unwanted psychic intervention.
Callicarpa bodinieri
This essence was made from its purple berries in November.Protective of personal energies, especially when one feels like the righteous man who is beset on all sides. Made and preserved in Russian Vodka
Sinapis arvensis
A flower of emotional upheaval.
A tenacious long lasting seed, helping people deal with distant past emotional trauma.
Primula veris
This yellow landmark of springtime adapts and crossbreeds happily. The essence helps emotional acceptance and gives the strength to overcome and change.
Taraxacum officinale
Dandelion is an essence for assessing and clearing emotional blocks or problems. This hardy wildflower grows everywhere, a natural survivor.
Dog Rose
Rosa canina
Dog Roe grows weaving through hedgerows. This essence allows you to make yourself whole like reconstructing a vessel from shattered components. The dog rose grows by encompassing, growing through and with itís immediate environment.
Himalayan Popping Plant
Impatiens glandulifera
Encourages patience with self and others.
Ilex aquifolium
Peaceful. To encourage non aggression and loving relations between siblings, especially if there is jealousy.
Lunaria annua L.
As the name suggest, a flower that encourages honesty especially in the face of denial (not just a river in Egypt!).
Horse Chestnut
Aesculus hippocastanum L.
To give clarity of mindóespecially for those who worry or go round in circles in their mind. Allows peaceful intuition to guide our lives.
Indian Bean Tree
Catalpa bignoides
Peace. Meditation. A wonderful tree to sit and meditate with.
Malva sylvestris
For loving yourself and not being upset by the ageing process.
Acacia dealbata
An energising tree that empowers one to deal with oneís emotions. This tree is from
Australia and flowers there in the height of summer. Although it grows and flowers here it does it in the middle of winter ó so it
insists on flowering in January wherever it is.
Verbascum nigrum
This bi-annual has lovely furry leaves and a tall gaunty yellow flower. It encourages one to breathe deeply and clearly by loosening the air-waves.
Tropaeoleum majus
Balance in brow chakra. Opening ones awareness to how one is perceived by others.
Menthe pulegium
Pennyroyal is an invigorating and refreshing essence, an etheric cleanser useful with crystals. Many forms of cleansing, clearing and reinvigorating of Earth, space and auras can be enhanced by Pennyroyal essence.
Purple Loosestrife
Lythrum salicaria L.
Purple Loosestrife grows by riversides. It is a great spiritual grounder, it pulls your spiritual energy back to the planet and into yourself.
Senecio jacobea L.
An essence to get to the roots of a situation. Very grounding & supportive of emotions. When we feel secure, we can be calm and can deal with things.
Scleranthus annus
Helpful for those seeking a thing they know not. Surely they know there is something to be found - but what is it and which direction should I go to find it? After taking this essence for three or four weeks, ones path seems to have found a clearer direction. For those times where discussing the subject of ones own life path needs ones own thoughts and not the council of others.
St. Johnís Wort
Hypericum perforatum
This essence was made on midsummerís day. This is an essence to allow one to find the sunshine on even the darkest paths. Traditionally the 24th of June was the day for gathering St. Johnís Wort for drying and storing for use in the following winter.
Strawberry Tree
Arbutus unedo
A safe protective, large, long-lived tree, with edible fruit. Calming, grounding - an expansive space ideal for meditation. Similar to the Yew tree but softer and less intimidating. A key component in my Space clearing essence.
Verbena officinalis
A keen fiery plant that grows in a fast and invasive manner. Tough and wirey, it does it's own thing. Very few other plants can compete with Vervain. This essense is ideal for the over-keen enthusiastic 'Tigger' types. Can calm the over-excitable and soften ones energy so the shrinking violets can get a look in.
Vipers Bugloss
Echium vulgare L.
For centuries this plant has been used by women for everything from breast feeding to cosmetics. This prickly member of the borage family is a wonderful inspiration especially for people who feel like Ďvictimsí. Helpful for bullies or manipulators.
Juglans regia
Protective of personal energies especially within families.
Water Forget-me-not
Myosotis Scorpiodes
A tall plant that brings air to water.
To allow the ego to express itself gently.
Peacefully letting subconscious tears go, and ability to examine repressed feeling.
Welsh Poppy
Meconopsis cambrica
When feeling alone or missing someone or something. Calms the solar plexus and extreme emotions, from the loss of a loved one to dogs missing their owners. A bright essence, even if one is not feeling chirpy.
White Yarrow
Archillea millefolium
Master protector especially for those suffering from electro-magnetic stresses.
Wild Oat
Bromus ramosus
Can help one to focus upon the true path in life. An essence to help you utilize your talents creatively. If you find yourself at a crossroads in life, and are unable to decide which road to take. This essence may aid you in recognizing your true talents and path in life.
Witch Hazel
Hammamelis mollis
A down-to-earth essence exceptionally good at balancing the solar plexus chakra (emotions).

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