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Beth Luck

I am a dairy farmer's daughter from Somerset. I grew up in the Blackdown Hills in the westcountry and was taught an understanding of the countryside by both maternal and paternal families. When I was about seven, my father got a second hand ‘new’ digger. My father dowsed using welding rods to find where water was, and then with the digger he would dig a trench and lay the pipes. Very quickly my father worked out that he didn’t have to get out of the digger himself because I was 'playing' with the rods and getting it right nearly all the time.

Many years later, having completed a degree in philosophy I was at a loss as to what to do next. I travelled extensively in Africa and Australia for many years and still hadn’t worked out what to do. I returned in 2000 for my brother’s wedding. The excitement of the wedding over, I went to my doctor feeling out of sorts and in retrospect, alienated from my heritage. My doctor, Andrew Tressider, advised me to go and take and take some flower essences. He also advised me to look up a local octogenarian, David Beale. David Beale is one of the life presidents of the BFVEA, and has been making flower essences for the last forty years. We hit it off because of a common interest in plants (and ponies) and whilst looking after his elderly ponies for the winter, I would join David for breakfast of homemade spelt bread and local honey. Our breakfast conversations covered bio-dynamics, homeopathy, radionics, crystals, flower essences and many other alternative therapies.

I started to discover I was living in a hot spot of alternative thinking – the very thing I had travelled the world looking for I had found on my own doorstep.

Inspired by David, and under his tutelage, I began making flower essences. I also returned to my roots and learned more about dowsing, which in the field of complementary health is a common method of working. About two years later I undertook an OCN course in flower essences, and it was then I realised that rather than wasting those earlier years my experimentation had set me in good stead to take full advantage of what I was being taught. At the same time I did an OCN course in Crystal and Gem Therapy, and at the end of both courses I was fully qualified to be a practitioner in both disciplines. At this stage I honestly thought that crystals and gems were my way forward.

As soon as I became a qualified practitioner I started working on a voluntary basis at the local healthy living centre running the flower essence dispensary two days a week. The local doctor, mentioned earlier, with the `Friends of the Surgery`, had established a large collection of essences to be used for and by the community for a small fee.

I am currently in Darwin studying indigenous knowledge at Charles Darwin University.

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