Mother Luck Flower Essences
Welcome to the Mother Luck site.

Flower essences are a vibrational tool anyone can use. Flower essences can help people deal with the stress and pollution of modern life.

A few drops of any flower essence can be taken in a glass of water; put onto a wrist pulse point; or sprayed around a room, to affect a change in the energies. Flower essences are not only effective at clearing negative energy, they can be very supportive when we are trying to make life changes. The subtle yet powerful effects of flower essences are often more noticeable when used with children, plants and animals.

All flower essences are totally safe to use in conjunction with allopathic medicine and other complimentary therapies. The range of essences I have made has largely been inspired by the life challenges I have faced. The plants and essences thereof have been the particular keys with which I have unlocked my problems and have given me the strength and support I needed to move forward into a lighter way of being. I am aware that we all have different power plants, so if there is a plant or flower you are particularly attracted to I am very happy to make a bespoke essence for you.

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